WWII US Pistol Belt with Holster

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Product Description: This is a great WWII US Pistol Belt rig. All of the canvas components are a very pleasant, early khaki color. The pistol belt is marked “U.S.,” with an alloy hook and catch and blackened eyelets. It has a number of laundry marks stamped inside, indicating this piece was worn by more than one soldier. The two cell ammunition pouch has functional snaps and “puckered” cell bottoms, making this a desirable piece of pre-1917 equipment that was reissued. The dressing pouch also has a functional strap and is maker marked and dated 1942 on the reverse. The holster on this WWII US Pistol Belt is really nice, with great original finish. It’s marked “SEARS” on the back and stamped with a large “U.S.” on the front of the top flap. It is complete with an original leathert lace lanyard, and has a name lightly inked inside, under the flap. All of the components of this WWII US Pistol Belt rig show matching, even, honest wear. This set has a lot of character and just the right amount of “salt” to give it a great field look. It would be perfect for a mannequin and displays handsomely on its own, too.



Historical Description: American soldiers in WWII used a tremendous variety of equipment, from mundane items issued to nearly every soldier, to highly specialized equipment intended for specific tasks in combat. At the outset of the war, most of the equipment of an American soldier had not changed much since the first World War, and indeed, quantities of WWI surplus were reissued in this new conflict. As the war progressed, this changed, with new items being introduced, and updates made to existing items. The US Army issued soldiers everything that they needed for a vast array of tasks and functions, from amphibious landings to climbing mountains. Packs, ammunition pouches, gas masks, canteens, mess kits, and similar items were churned out by the thousands as American industry rose to the challenge of equipping the massive armies raised to defeat Germany and Japan. Today, many WWII US military field gear items remain common, while others have become very rare and are highly prized by collectors.


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