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Product Description: This Named Legion of Merit grouping is a great piece of WWII history, with research potential. This grouping consists of a cased Legion of Merit and a cased Bronze Star, both engraved with the recipient’s name, and the soldier’s dog tag. The medals are both gorgeous. The Bronze Star has great original finish, and a clean ribbon. It rests on a cream-colored flocked insert, inside a black case with the name of the decoration on the lid. The case also contains a small, attractive enameled buttonhole type Bronze Star ribbon device. The Legion of Merit is a stunner, with perfect original finish and enamel. It, too, is in a black case, and is complete with the ribbon bar. Both of the ribbons are complete with the original pin back device, and neither of the medals show any appreciable wear. The medals are neatly engraved “Charles A. Watt” on the reverse, in matching machine engraving styles. The Bronze Star case also contain’s Watt’s dog tag, which is made of a brass-toned copper/nickel alloy, Monel. The dog tag tells us that Watt was a commissioned officer. It includes his Army Serial Number and a 1941 tetanus immunization date. The cases, awards and dog tag are all in excellent condition.


Historical Description: Every nation that participated in WWII issued awards and decorations to recognize the achievements of its military members, and the United States was no exception. There were  a series of awards that were instituted specifically for this conflict, and for the post-war occupation. These awards included the WWII Victory Medal, as well as service, campaign, and occupation medals for those who served in specific places at certain times. There were also medals for valor, heroism, and meritorious achievement. Some medals, such as the Navy Distinguished Service Medal and Navy Cross, were issued to members of specific military branches, while the Air Medal and Distinguished Flying Cross were reserved for achievements during aerial flight. The highest US military award for soldiers, the Medal of Honor, was awarded 472 times for WWII service. Some WWII US military awards were made and issued by the millions, and some medals made during the war may even still be issued by the military today. Other military awards, particular high valor awards, were made in limited numbers and are prized by collectors of historical items. Named awards and award groupings that have potential for further research, or that are linked to important battles, are particularly valued.


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