WWI US Pilot’s Uniform

Condition: Excellent

Tailor: C-G Deluxe New York

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Product Description: US Army Officer’s Air Service Captain WWI US Pilot’s Uniform.  The uniform overall is in excellent condition with one small quarter size stain on the front near the second button from the bottom. The WWI US Pilot’s Uniform does have couple of moth nips on the tunic, one located on the wears left top pocket and 7 reweave scattered moth nips on the back of the uniform. You have to look closely at the uniform on the back to see the repair work.

We believe this uniform has been painstakenly put together with mostly original accoutrements.  The Tunic boast US Army Air Corps insignia, tricolor air service shoulder insignia, ribbon bar with the highest ribbon being a Distinguished Service Cross, Captain bars, single gold bullion overseas stripe and numbered French pilots wings. We believe that these insignia are original and truly make this tunic a stellar addition to anyones collection. As for the “Dallas” wings, they are post war copies that are made very close to the originals. The jacket has maker label inside of C-G Deluxe New York. Sadly, there is no history that comes along with this jacket, as it is not named. We generally do not get an opportunity to be able to offer a incredible WWI US Pilot’s Uniform, don’t pass this one up!


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