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Product Description: This US Veteran Plaque is an attractive, decorative piece, from the European theater of operations. It is made of zinc. The front of the plaque depicts a helmeted Allied Army soldier in profile. It’s well executed, with lots of detail, from the web equipment to the helmet netting. It’s an evocative plaque, with a weary-looking soldier, his head pointed down slightly, with closed eyes. The top of the plaque has the wording “19-Liège-45,” indicating this piece was made in the city of Liège, Belgium, in 1945. The lower left part of the plaque is inscribed with the wording “Hello Boy,” presumably a phrase with specific meaning in that place and time. The artist’s signature is inscribed at the bottom of the bust. The reverse of this plaque has a semi-hollow appearance, and there are two integral hanging loops at the top, which retain an original length of cordage for hanging on a wall. This US Veteran Plaque is complete and undamaged, and remains in near mint condition.



Historical Description: American soldiers of the World Wars were renowned for their zeal for souvenirs. Enterprising merchants in the occupied areas created a wide range of souvenir items which were marketed to servicemen. Some of these items were typical local tourist trinkets, such as Dutch wooden shoes, or the handicrafts of the indigenous people on Pacific islands, while others were specifically created to commemorate military events or other topics of local importance. These souvenir items range from unique artworks, that may have been crafted as presentation pieces, to mass-produced wares that anyone could have bought. These souvenirs exist in countless forms, from utilitarian goods like handkerchiefs, lighters or ash trays, to custom artworks made by skilled artisans. Over the years, many veterans traded their souvenirs away, gave them as gifts, sold or simply discarded them. Wartime souvenir items are very collectible today.


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