Tropical Camouflage Gas Mask Canister

Condition: Excellent

Maker: Illegible

Pattern: Tropical

Base Material: Steel

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Product Description: This is a gorgeous, textbook original example of a tropical camouflage gas mask canister, complete with the original mask and filter. These tan camouflage canisters are commonly seen in use in wartime photos of the Afrikakorps, as well as elsewhere on the Southern Front (where they were used until 1945), but surviving originals are very rare and extremely desirable. This canister started off as a standard issue example with a factory applied coat of field gray paint inside and out. The exterior of the can has been overpainted with typical tropical tan camouflage paint. The camouflage paint shows light wear and age, but is more than 90 percent intact. The mask inside this tropical camouflage gas mask canister is a prewar example, the so-called GM30, made of rubberized canvas. The mask is a Size 1, and is complete with all of the original straps. The detachable filter retains virtually all of the original field gray paint, and is marked with a clear Waffenamt acceptance stamp. The bottom of the inside of the can contains a cleaning rag and retaining spring, desirable accessories in their own right. In the lid of the canister, the lid for the spare lens compartment is marked with a name that is unfortunately difficult or impossible to make out. There is a 1944 date. The original woven fabric carrying straps on the canister are present, but show wear and age, with some fraying and small areas of damage. It remains a nice complete set, with gorgeous original camouflage paint, and is in excellent condition.



Historical Description:  Learning from their experiences and defeat in the previous war, Germany would develop new strategies for warfare. The result was a hard hitting, mobile warfare, which relied on speed and coordination. It would later be known as “Blitzkrieg”.  This new style of warfare would require changes to be made from how the Generals conducted operations, down to the individual soldier’s equipment.  As the Third Reich began rearming Germany during the 1930’s, due to the economic situation, much of the equipment and gear the fighting forces initially received would be from the First World War. This necessary reissuing of equipment combined with the revolutionary tactics being developed forced the German military to adapt their gear and equipment to these changes. As the German economy improved and more funding was available to the military, new equipment would be developed to replace the obsolete World War One equipment. The outbreak of World War Two pushed the development and issuing of new equipment to German soldiers to new levels. New designs and manufacturing techniques were developed. As the war progressed and fortunes changed, the German Third Reich was forced to cut production time, while continuing to develop better equipment. These changes to production, combined with newer designs, produced a vast array of equipment variants. Today these variants of equipment show proof of the drastic changes made by the German Military during World War 2.


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