Expandable Pioneer Wire Cutters


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Product Description: A nice set of Expandable Pioneer Wire Cutters with Leather Lanyard. They are entirely made of steel. Wire cutters such as this could have been carried by engineers, or by leaders of infantry squads in areas where attacking troops may have been hindered by barbed wire obstacles. The handles of these are expandable, so they can be made smaller for carrying, and made larger for use. There is no manufacturer marking or date. They are functional and likely still could even be used. The leather lanyard on these is permanently affixed, with a rivet. One end could be attached to a soldier’s gear, or when not in use, is held in pace by a small hook on one handle of the cutters. This set of Expandable Pioneer Wire Cutters retains most of the original bluing, though this is worn a bit thin in spots. There is an even patina throughout, with some typical, minor surface rust in a few spots. The overall condition of these Expandable Pioneer Wire Cutters is excellent.


Historical Description:  Learning from their experiences and defeat in the previous war, Germany would develop new strategies for warfare. The result was a hard hitting, mobile warfare, which relied on speed and coordination. It would later be known as “Blitzkrieg”.  This new style of warfare would require changes to be made from how the Generals conducted operations, down to the individuals soldiers equipment.  As the Third Reich began rearming Germany during the 1930’s, due to the economic situation, much of the equipment and gear the fighting forces initially received would be from the First World War. This necessary reissuing of equipment combined with the revolutionary tactics being developed forced the German military to adapt their gear and equipment to these changes. As the German economy improved and more funding was available to the military, new equipment would be developed to replace the obsolete World War One equipment. The outbreak of World War Two pushed the development and issuing of new equipment to German soldiers to new levels. New designs and manufacturing techniques were developed. As the war progressed and fortunes changed, the German Third Reich was forced to cut production time, while continuing to develop better equipment. These changes to production, combined with newer designs, produced a vast array of equipment variants. Today these variants of equipment show proof of the drastic changes made by the German Military during World War 2.




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