P1912 Bronze Officer Service Cap Eagle Globe & Anchor

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Pattern: 1912

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Product Description: This Eagle Globe & Anchor is a very nice example of the pattern of cap insignia worn by US Marines in the First World War. It is made of a brass alloy that has been chemically darkened. The obverse retains nearly all of the original finish, with just a slight hint of golden tones peeking through. All of the original detail is intact. The anchor line is made of twisted wire. On the reverse, this Eagle Globe & Anchor has an intact threaded post that retains the original T-nut and washer. All of the finish on the back is intact, with an uncleaned old patina. There is no maker mark, as is typical of these from this time period. This is a handsome emblem that is complete and sound. It displays very well, and remains in excellent plus condition.


Historical Description: The Eagle, Globe and Anchor has been the official emblem and insignia of the United States Marine Corps since 1875. Prior to this time, the organization used a variety of emblems with and without eagles and anchors. In 1868, Brigadier General Jacob Zeilin created a commission to look at the various emblems used, with a goal of creating an official Corps-wide emblem. Zeilin approved the Eagle, Globe and Anchor, which was initially used as a cap ornament before it eventually became the official Marine Corps emblem. It is believed that the general design of the emblem was inspired by the insignia of the Royal Navy. The design, size and color of this emblem did see slight changes over the years but the general concept did not. The current insignia only differs from the 1868 emblem in the design of the eagle; the original crested eagle, a species found throughout the world, was replaced with the American Bald Eagle in 1955. This organizational emblem has a special meaning to Marines; as a piece of insignia in various forms it is an important part of American military history.



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