Marine Brigade Wilhelmshaven Badge


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Product Description: Offered is an original rare Freikorps Marine Brigade Wilhelmshaven Badge. The badge is die struck, finely detailed badge showing, the obverse consisting of an oval knotted rope wreath, surrounding a central Viking longship cutting through waves, situated above a banner bearing a raised inscription of “WILHELMSHAVEN”, in turn emanating from an oak leaf wreath. The badge is  perforated at cardinal points with dual eyelets for sew-on attachment, demonstrating minor loss of finish throughout.  The badge is cut-out and is a first pattern sleeve insignia. The Marine Brigade Wilhelmshaven Badge   is in Excellent plus condition.




Historical Description: The Marinebrigade Ehrhardt, also known as the Ehrhardt Brigade, was a Freikorps unit of the early Weimar Republic. It was formed on 17 February 1919 as the Second Marine Brigade from members of the former Imperial German Navy under the leadership of Hermann Ehrhardt. The brigade was used primarily in the suppression of the Bavarian Soviet Republic and the First Silesian Uprising, both in the first half of 1919. In March 1920, faced with its imminent disbanding by orders of the government in Berlin, the Marine Brigade was one of the main supporters of the Kapp Putsch that tried to overthrow the Weimar Republic. After the putsch failed and the brigade was disbanded in May, many of the former members formed the secret Organization Consul under Ehrhardt’s leadership. Before it was banned in 1922, it carried out numerous assassinations and murders in a continuation of the attempts to overthrow the Republic.




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