Elephant Order Colonial Badge


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Product Description: What a lovely and very hard to find Elephant Order Colonial Badge. Constructed of silvered zinc; the obverse depicting an elephant in the center, circumscribed “Südsee, Afrika, Kiautschou”, decorated by a bow at the twelve o’clock position and oak leaves at the six o’clock position; marked “Elephant Order Colonial Badge.” with the patent number “Nr. 33992” on the reverse; with a vertical pin back, and a round wire catch; measuring 33.68 mm (w) x 39.15 mm (h); weighing 24.9 grams. The Elephant Order Colonial Badge in overall excellent plus condition.



Historical Description: German Elephant Order Colonial, also called Elephantenorden (Elephant’s Order). Awarded to all German colonials who, during the First World War, and later in the former German colonies, were acting or serving on behalf of these colonies. The badge was instituted in October 1921 and was to be purchased by the recipient. By 21 November 1936 some 8,000 were issued and it is assumed that later awards could have been obtained during the Nazi period 1937 – 45.


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