Gold Paper Swastika

Condition: Near Mint


Product Description: Gold Paper Swastika used for decoration or celebrations during the Third Reich era. In near mint condition. The small pull tab hanger is still originally affixed to the back and has never been used.

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Historical Description: During the Third Reich, a huge amount of decorative objects were produced with patriotic, political and military themes. Early on, prior to the Nazi seizure of power, decorative items emblazoned with swastikas or the image of Hitler were marketed to Nazi supporters and used by them to show their zeal for the cause. By 1933, the manufacture of various patriotic Nazi decorative and souvenir type items must have become something of an industry in Germany, with catalogs and shops offering a huge assortment of flags, plaques and wall hangings, apparel accessories like pins and belt buckles, and trinkets like pocket knives and mirrors. There were disposable, ephemera type decorations like paper eagles and lanterns and paper flags, intended for use at rallies and other events. The Nazi leadership took a dim view of some of these trinkets, which they regarded as “kitsch,” and soon passed laws strictly regulating the use of Nazi symbols. Most of this material was destroyed after the end of the war, with the items that have survived being collected today for their historic value.



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