Hindenburg Plaque


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Product Description: This Hindenburg Plaque is an evocative, appealing piece. It is made of silvered brass. The center of the front of the plaque depicts a massive profile of Field Marshal Paul von Hindenburg, the leader of the Imperial German Army (and later President of Germany). The patina appears to retain most of the original subdued finish, with some slight golden tones. The remainder of the plaque is flat and smooth, with most of the original silvering. The silvering shows moderate age and wear, with scattered marks. The reverse of the plaque shows the profile in reverse, together with traces of some wording, perhaps a vestigial remnant of some earlier production form of this art piece. There are two raised fittings that appear to have been intended for use with a hanging loop, but there is no indication of such a loop having been installed. This Hindenburg Plaque is an impressive display object, that remains in excellent condition.



Historical Description: European artisans of the 19th and 20th centuries created countless artworks with military and political themes. Some of these were connected to specific military, political, civil and paramilitary organizations, while others were commercially available pieces that anyone could buy. These art pieces took countless forms, from busts or statues of military leaders, to sculpted wall plaques, fine art paintings, fine porcelain, and every other kind of art in use at the time. Some were unique, custom works of art; some of these were made as presentation pieces. Others were mass produced as decorative or souvenir items; catalogs filled with all kinds of such mass-market items were produced by a number of factories. After the end of WWII, artwork featuring military or nationalistic imagery fell out of favor in some European societies. Many pieces were destroyed.


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