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Product Description: The Freikorps Teutonic Order Shield Teutonic Order Shield  Eastern Border Guard was the collective name for the associations set up in 1918/1919 (Freikorps, Volunteer Associations, Self-Defense Upper Silesia, etc.), which were supposed to take over the protection of the eastern border and eastern areas of the German Reich until the border was finally drawn. the badge does have some black paint wear to the cross section. On the back the hardware is complete and functioning. This Freikorps Teutonic Order Shield is a rarer badge to find and is in excellent condition. 



Historical Description: The Order Shield was first introduced in January of 1919 as the insignia of the Danzig Student Company Lienau. On June 5, 1919 the commanding General of the 17th Army Corps, Otto von Below, chose it as the official badge of the reserve of the Eastern Border Protection units. Later that year, probably in October, the commander of the former 17th Army Corps, General of the Artillery J. v. Malachowski, introduced the badge for many of the voluntary town militias.
The badge was worn on the left breast. It is in the form of a white shield with silvered edges. It features a black cross over the entire width and height of the shield. The cross also features silvered edges. The white and black colour are made of enamel.
Due to the comperatively high number of badges manufactured (compared to other Freikorps badges), there are many variants that differ in slight design details or in materials used, including brass, bronze, aluminum, or copper. Some shields lack the white enamelled parts and instead feature silvered and pebbled fields. Some shields are lacquered rather than enamelled.



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