American Officers World War 1 Visor – French Made

Condition: Excellent

Maker: J. Pomel

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Product Description: This American Officers World War 1 visor is a very desirable French made example, that remains in excellent condition. This handsome cap was made in Marseille, France, most likely for the US Doughboys serving there in 1918. The exterior of the visor is made of a fine fabric with a diagonal weave, and exhibits little wear, with no moth holes or other damage. The woven cap band is nice and clean, with a single, match head sized moth nip on the reverse. The front of this hat retains the original WWI pattern officer eagle insignia, which retains all of the original chemical blackened finish. The visor and chin strap are made of leather. The visor shows only light, even wear, and the chin strap remains complete and sound, with some very minor age cracks to the finish. The interior of this American Officers World War 1 visor is lined with a tan fabric that is well marked with the makers logo and name “J. Pomel, Marseille.” The leather sweatband is complete and intact, with what appears to be an old hand sewn repair in the forehead area. There is an illegible name written in the left side of the sweatband. This cap is nice and complete, and a great example of WWI theater-made officer headgear.



Historical Description: The American “Doughboys” who fought in Europe during WWI wore a wide variety of cloth headgear. The 1911 model fur felt service hat (“campaign hat”) was adopted by all branches of the Army (and by the Marines a year later). It provided good protection against the elements, but proved too bulky for combat conditions, so most enlisted soldiers wore the flat, olive drab wool “overseas cap” that was introduced in 1917. Based on a French cap, this overseas cap featured the new corps identity disc on the left side. Three different models of the overseas cap were issued interchangeably in 1918. For dress and service wear, visor caps were also worn. The enlisted caps were a 1912 model, made of olive drab wool with brown leather fittings and a blackened brass insignia on the front. Officers made wide use of private purchase visor caps, which featured a different, larger insignia on the front and were typically made of a fine wool. The various models of headgear worn by the US military of WWI are sought after today for their historical importance. 


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