WWII Japanese Order of the Golden Kite 7th Class


Condition: Excellent

Pattern: 7th Class


Product Description:  Instituted in 1890. Very nice WWII Japanese Order of the Golden Kite 7th Class in silver, measuring 43 mm (w) x 56.2 mm (h), including its laterally-pierced ball suspension. Nice patina and very light contact.  Unfortunately it’s missing the ribbon. Excellent condition.

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Historical Description: The Order of the Golden Kite was an order of the Empire of Japan. It was established on February 12, 1890, by Emperor Meiji, “in commemoration of Jimmu Tennō, the Romulus of Japan.” It was an exclusively military award conferred for bravery, leadership, or command in battle. The order consisted of seven classes. Enlisted rank soldiers were eligible for the 7th to 5th classes, non-commissioned officers were eligible for the 6th to 4th classes, junior officers for the 5th to 3rd classes, field grade officers for the 4th to 2nd classes, and general officers for the 3rd to 1st classes. It was officially abolished by the Supreme Commander of the Allied Powers of Occupied Japan in 1947, after the Second World War.



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