WW2 US Paratrooper Jump Jacket and Pants

Condition: Excellent

Maker: Unmarked

Pattern: Non-reinforced

Base Material: Khaki – Cotton Twill

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Product Description: We are pleased to be able to offer this extremely desirable and absolutely amazing WW2 US Paratrooper Jump Jacket and Pants. There is no name inside, but the jacket is attributed to Donald Winter of the 82nd Airborne Division. The construction and materials used on this set are textbook in all aspects. The beautiful jump jacket is in excellent condition, showing only light wear. The only repair on this jacket is in the collar area, where the US paratrooper repaired the lightly worn fabric. All of the snaps are blackened brass, and the armpit vents are brass. The waist belt has a steel buckle, which is complete, with only light wear to the edges. The khaki cotton twill fabric of this jacket is nice and clean, with some tiny rust stains inside. There is no obvious indication of ever having had insignia applied. The pants with this outstanding set also show light wear throughout. The interior of the pants is stamped with “D-O-3748,” which is possibly the paratrooper’s laundry number. The snaps on the pants are made of blackened steel. Uniforms like this that were used by a World War Two US Paratrooper are extremely sought-after and difficult to find. This US Paratrooper Jump Jacket and Pants is an exquisite and rare attributed complete set. The condition rates as excellent plus.



Historical Description:The millions of soldiers who served in the US Army during WWII were equipped with a wide variety of uniforms. The massive mobilization in 1941 meant that some soldiers were issued WWI surplus, but war production soon met demand, and individual soldiers had a range of uniforms for specific purposes. There were dress and field uniforms, either of which could vary depending on the theater of operations, the climate, or the soldier’s unit or specific role. The basic service uniforms were made in wool for the winter, and cotton for the summer, and underwent a series of changes as the war progressed. Officers and female personnel had their own distinctive uniform types. Combat clothing included the M1941 and M1943 field jackets, and special uniforms for paratroopers. Camouflage clothing was used on a limited basis as well. The various uniforms of the WWII US Army are a popular field of study for collectors today.


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