WW1 Ernst Ludwig Großherzog von Hessen


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Product Description: This WW1 Ernst Ludwig Großherzog von Hessen medal is a desirable example issued for bravery in war. This award was issued by the Grand Duchy of Hesse, and was originally instituted in 1843 as the General Honor Decoration (Allgemeines Ehrenzeichen). This award was used to recognize various merits and achievements, depending on the inscription on the reverse. This one is inscribed “Für Tapferkeit” – For Bravery. This is an absolutely gorgeous medal. A slightly matte finish on the devices contrasts with near mirror finish in the flat fields, giving this medal the appearance of a proof silver coin. The portrait on the obverse and wreath on the reverse boast wonderful detail, and the toning to the silver is very attractive, with some golden shades around the edge fading to pastel blue in the center on both sides. The suspension ring is intact, but there is no ribbon. This appealing Ernst Ludwig Großherzog von Hessen medal remains in excellent condition.



Historical Description: The German Empire was formed in 1871 and existed until the end of the first World War. It was composed of 25 states. During its existence, the various kingdoms, duchies, principalities, and Hanseatic cities that made up the Empire issued a wide array of orders, medals and decorations. In addition to this, the orders of some principalities annexed by Prussia during or before the Wars of Unification continued to be bestowed in Imperial times. The decorations issued by these various authorities included a wide array of orders, civil decorations, and military and war decorations, including awards for the Franco-Prussian War and the first World War. Awards were presented for long service, for bravery, to commemorate specific events, or for a wide variety of different achievements. During World War I, the Empire itself also issued awards in the form of badges for military service. Today, all of these historical decorations are eagerly sought by collectors.


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