Unissued Bahnschutz Tunic and Pants

Condition: Near Mint

Maker: Ernst Hofmann

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Product Description: This Bahnschutz tunic and pants is an incredible, unissued, unworn set, that is still in very close to factory mint condition. The tunic is made of a thick, blue wool, which retains all of the original surface nap. The collar is made of a fine blue badge cloth. One sleeve has a Bahnschutz pattern sleeve eagle, which has been factory hand sewn to the sleeve. The eagle is machine embroidered in silver thread on a backing of blue wool, and is pristine, with only extremely slight age toning. There are sew-in pattern shoulder boards affixed to the shoulder buttons, but these have never been sewn in to the shoulder seams as this jacket was never issued. The shoulder boards are the correct Bahnschutz type, with winged wheel Reichsbahn insignia and “15” unit cyphers. All of the original aluminum pebbled buttons and belt ramps are intact and factory sewn. Inside, the tunic still retains its original factory paper tag, indicating manufacture by the firm “Uniformhaus Ernst Hofmann.” The rayon lining is stamped with a size stamp, as well as a unit marking that matches the shoulder board cyphers. The inside of the collar has a rayon strip to protect the neck, and there are also two original blue Bahnchutz “Kragenbinde” (collar bind) neck protectors, which are themselves rare items. This tunic is complete with original unissued pants. The pants also have the original factory tag, indicating they were made by “Uniformhaus Carl Weyers.” They are made of a fine, blue wool, with white piping on the outsides of the legs. The pants remain crisp, with all of the original factory sewn black plastic buttons, and a maker stamp with 1942 date in the lining. This Bahnschutz tunic and pants are absolutely unworn, extremely rare in this condition, and likely impossible to upgrade.



Historical Description: It is no exaggeration to state that most Germans in the Third Reich owned a uniform of some kind. Besides the millions of uniformed military service members, uniforms were worn by members of nearly all of the multitude of civil, political and paramilitary organizations that existed during Nazi Germany. These uniforms ranged from the finely tailored custom uniforms worn by high ranking political leaders and members of the diplomatic corps, to simple issue uniforms that were given to conscripts. There were simple work uniforms made of hard-wearing cloth, and elaborate outfits for dress and formal use, with organization-specific armbands, and branch and rank insignia. There were also field uniforms intended for wear on the battlefields by armed members of organizations that served as auxiliaries to the German armed forces. In the time before and during WWII, men and women, adults and children were all members of uniformed organizations.


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