U-Boat Spange in Bronze

Condition: Near Mint

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Product Description: Killer example of one of the most sought-after Kriegsmarine awards the U-Boat Spange in Bronze. This U-Boat is nearly mint. It’s made of zinc, and the original bronze Brennlack finish is almost completely retained. There is only some extremely minor wear to high points on the front, and very slight finish bubbling on the reverse. The reverse is maker marked by Schwerin in Berlin, and also bears the name of the designer of the U-Boat Spange, Ernst Peekhaus. The original hardware setup is totally intact and shows no condition issues or signs of repair. The fluted wide pin is made of steel, with very minor surface rust. Because these were instituted fairly late in the war, they aren’t easy to find; submarine crews were all-volunteer, and these Clasps were awarded to the elite of the elite. It would be hard to find a better one U-Boat Spange in Bronze.


Historical Description: The U-Boat Spange (U-Boot-Frontspange) was instituted on May 15, 1944. Prior to that time, the Kriegsmarine had been the only branch of the Wehrmacht that did not award a clasp to recognize valor. The U-Boat Spange was intended to recognize outstanding merit or valor by submarine sailors who already had the U-Boat Badge. The stylized submarine in the center of the U-Boat Spange mimicked the design of the U-Boat Badge, surrounded by a laurel wreath, flanked on either side with oak leaves. It did not have any set specific criteria for awarding, it had to be recommended by the submarine commander and then authorized personally by Kriegsmarine chief Karl Dönitz. The award was typically bestowed based on a number of successful patrols completed, or for displaying valor in combat. Initially, there was only one grade of the U-Boat Spange, in Bronze. On November 24, 1944, the Silver grade of this award was introduced to recognize further merit or bravery. The U-Boat Spange was produced from zinc only.


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