Tunic Removed Tank Destruction Strip

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Product Description: This tunic removed Tank Destruction Strip is an outstanding and very desirable example of this rare award. It is textbook throughout, and has a great, combat worn look, with signs of heavy daily wear. The metal tank emblem shows sharp detail, with wear to the factory applied finish that reveals the base metal at the high points. The woven aluminum strip shows surface wear and some inset soiling. This badge was hand-sewn to a uniform sleeve during the war, and has remnants of the attaching threads around the edge. The reverse of this tunic removed Tank Destruction Strip has a correct blue wool backing, which is completely intact. This badge has an original, undisturbed patina, and has exceptional eye appeal. The condition rates as excellent plus.




Historical Description: The Tank Destruction Badge (Sonderabzeichen für das Niederkämpfen von Panzerkampfwagen durch Einzelkämpfer) was officially instituted by Adolf Hitler on March 9, 1942, to recognize the achievements of soldiers who were able to single-handedly destroy an enemy tank in combat using hand-held weapons. The award was authorized to be granted for soldiers who destroyed tanks in combat actions dating back to June 22, 1941, the date of the German invasion of the Soviet Union. The criteria were strictly written and did not authorize issue of the award to crews of anti-tank cannons, but only to individual soldiers who destroyed tanks with weapons such as grenades, mines, or Molotov cocktails. The Tank Destruction Badge was issued in the form of a woven cloth strip, silver in color, that would be sewn to the upper right sleeve of the recipient’s uniform. Mounted to this cloth strip was a metal emblem representing a German Panzer IV tank, with a dark finish. The badge was issued for destruction of one tank, and soldiers who destroyed more than one tank could be awarded and wear a corresponding number of Tank Destruction Badges. On December 18, 1943, the German Army command instituted a second grade of this award, the Tank Destruction Badge in Gold. This was a gold woven cloth strip, with a metal tank emblem that had a silver finish. The Gold grade of this award was bestowed for the single-handed destruction of five enemy tanks.



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