Tunic Removed Kreta Cufftitle

Condition: Excellent



Product Description: This Tunic Removed Kreta Cufftitle is a choice example of the desirable and relatively scarce campaign award version. There is no damage to note, and it appears that this piece was tunic removed. The body of the cuff title is made from a high quality cotton fabric that retains all of the original fine, soft surface nap as well as strong original color with no fading. The “Kreta” lettering  is textbook, perfectly machine embroidered in yellow thread. The long edges of the armband are adorned with yellow piping. The piping is correctly factory machine sewn with straight stitching, and has the original tread that was sewed to the tunic. The reverse shows typical details of the machine embroidery. This Kreta Cufftitle does have some surface dirt on the cuff due to it most likely been on a tunic in combat. It’s in outstanding, excellent condition, and would be tough to upgrade.



Historical Description: Cuff titles (Ärmelstreifen) are uniform accoutrements that have been used in the German military since the 19thcentury. Intended to foster a certain sense of ‘esprit de corps’ amongst members of the armed forces, they were authorized for wear by members of designated units for the duration of their service time within that unit. In the event of transfer out of the unit, the cuff title was to be removed from the service member’s uniform. During the Third Reich, the German military continued this tradition by instituting honorary cuff titles to certain ‘special’ formations. This practice is perhaps most well-known for its application amongst Waffen- ϟϟ units. Cuff titles were also authorized for wear within all branches of the Wehrmacht (Army, Air Force and Navy) as well. These unit-specific cuff titles are not to be confused with others, which were awarded for participation in a certain campaign. The tradition, within the German military of wearing cuff titles, continues into the 21st century with certain honor guard contingents of the Bundeswehr being permitted to wear unit-specific cuff titles.



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