Tombak Coastal Artillery Badge – Juncker


Condition: Excellent

Maker: Juncker

Base Material: Tombak

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Product Description: This is a nice example of a top quality, early production Tombak Coastal Artillery Badge. This desirable Kriegsmarine badge is all-original, with no repairs or damage, and has an appealing uniform-worn appearance. Most of the original factory applied darkening to the gun emplacement and waves is intact, with some wear that exposes the mellow golden color of the base metal. The eagle and wreath have lost most of the gilding, but still have a nice gold color. The metal surface is clean, with slight wear to high points. On the reverse, this  Tombak Coastal Artillery Badge is flat and smooth, with age toning. It’s marked in raised lettering with the name of the designer of this award as well as the maker, C. E. Juncker in Berlin. This is a textbook Juncker piece that shows the expected die flaw on the reverse. The hardware setup features a block hinge, banjo pin, and a sheet metal catch. These early badges are very sought after. This one is by a desirable maker as well. It’s a great example, that is in excellent condition.




Historical Description: The Kriegsmarine Coastal Artillery Badge (Kriegsabzeichen für die Marineartillerie) was instituted on June 24, 1941, by Kriegsmarine leader Grossadmiral Erich Raeder. The purpose of the badge was to recognize the successes of the Kriegsmarine coastal artillery and anti-aircraft units, and it was authorized to be awarded to entire units as well as individual soldiers. The design of the badge, which was created by Otto Placzek, featured a coastal artillery gun, with the sea behind, surrounded by a wreath and surmounted by the German national eagle and swastika emblem. The award criteria for this badge were complex and in part based on a points system. Various achievements, such as being part of a crew to shoot down a plane, successfully deploying searchlights, or successfully using radar, were assigned values of between 0.5 and 2 points, with 8 points being needed to earn the badge. The badge could also be rewarded for exceptional personal achievements in combat, or for leadership, and it could also be awarded posthumously. Starting in 1943, the award could also be earned by Kriegsmarine gun crews who destroyed enemy tanks or ships.



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