TENO Hewer by Carl Eickhorn

Condition: EXC /NM

Maker: Carl Eickhorn

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Product Description: This Teno Hewer was recently picked up from a very old collection in Denver Colorado. As you can clearly see from the photos the condition on this dagger is top notch and is in excellent plus/ Near Mint condition! The TeNo hilt is exceptional in that all of the nickel plating is intact, which is rare to see as most collectors know. The pommel has a raised gear wheel with excellent definition provided by the original factory black darkening. The grip plates are well fit are in perfect condition in a pleasing off-white color, secured with unturned screws. If you pull these plates you with find the underside of these plates embossed with the Eickhorn logo. Please don’t though, I just mention for interest sake. The scabbard shell is perfectly straight, with extremely fine original paint that shows almost no wear. This paint is easily 95% intact. The mounts are in perfect condition, with fine nickel plating. The lower ball has never been dropped and all four of the original screws are in place and unturned. The throat is stamped with matching number “3226”. The blade is essential an RAD style, with a Bowie tip. This plain blade remains in near perfect condition, with a matte finish. The tip remains needle-like.  Other than just a couple of nicks along the cutting edge and runner marks on the blade you couldn’t ask for a nicer example! Matching etched serial number “3226”is present under the crossguard. The original black blade buffer is in place. If you are looking for a very fine, untouched TeNo Hewer piece, this one is for you!


Historical Description:   The Technical Emergency Corp (TeNo) was formed on September 30, 1919 to assist the German population during times of crisis and disaster resulting from natural catastrophes. The Teno Hewer and Leader’s Dagger was authorized for wear by all Teno Officers and subordinates members in 1938. The Hewer was intended for actual use in emergencies as an axe or hacking knife. The sole manufacturer of both TENO’s was Carl Eickhorn. The Leaders Teno Dagger was designed solely for ornamental wear. Both the Hewer and Dress Dagger are highly collected by collectors for their scarcity and beautiful design.


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