T30 Japanese Bayonet Rubber Frog

Condition: Excellent

Maker: Hikari Seki Seisakusho Arsenal

Pattern: T30

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Product Description: T30 Japanese Bayonet Rubber Frog, This is a very nice example of a Japanese Bayonet Type 30 which was designed to fit the Arisaka Rifle. It wears the Hikari Seki Seisakusho Arsenal stamp on the ricasso of the beautiful grooved blue blade that measures 15 5/8 inches in length. It wears a flat bird’s head pommel with a hooked crossguard and two riveted, contoured wrapped around wooden grips that remain superb in their condition. The tubular-tipped metal scabbard has also survived in very nice condition. Still present it is the late war Rubber frog that remains very healthy as well. Overall, the bayonet measures 20 1/8 inches in length in excellent condition.


Historical Description: The Imperial Japanese Army numbered 1,700,000 soldiers in 1941. By August 1945, this number had swelled to 6,095,000 men. During the course of the war, these men were sent to areas of operations that spanned a huge part of the globe, including the Mongolian border, Hong Kong, the Philippines. Thailand, Burma, Dutch East Indies, and Malaya. These soldiers were issued a wide variety of uniform and equipment items. They had specialized footwear, helmets and other headgear, and different types of uniforms intended for the varying (and often extreme) climates in which Japanese soldiers fought. As with all of the major combatants of WWII, the Japanese also had special insignia to identify ranks and roles of individual soldiers, as well as decorations to reward soldiers for their service and achievements. American soldiers who fought in the Pacific Theater avidly sought Japanese items as souvenirs, and they collected not only flags, weapons and helmets, but items of personal equipment and even personal items of Japanese soldiers. Today, all aspects of WWII Japanese Army uniforms, insignia, equipment, and awards, remain collectible historic items.


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