Studentenbund Sports Shirt Eagle, with RZM tag

Condition: Very Good

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Product Description: This Studentenbund Sports Shirt Eagle is a striking and large piece of cloth insignia. It’s Bevo machine woven construction, and features the eagle and diamond swastika emblem of the National Socialist German Students League. This pattern of insignia was worn on tank tops during sports practice and events. The front of the patch shows some minor age toning to the white thread, and a small, dark stain on the swastika emblem. The rayon backing has been trimmed around the shape of the eagle, though plenty of the backing remains. It doesn’t appear to have ever been sewn to a shirt. The reverse of this impressive Studentenbund Sports Shirt Eagle still bears the original RZM paper tag, with the maker code M4/226. This is a nice piece of youth sports insignia, not easy to find.




Historical Description: The University of Munich established the NSDStb, National Socialist Deutcher Studentenbund, (National Socialist German Students League), in 1926.  The goal was to produce political leadership amongst the student bodies in the German universities. The organization became more militarized in 1928, when the leadership was taken over by Reichsjugendführer Baldur von Schirach. In 1929, the necessity to be an NSDAP member, in order to enroll in the Studentenbund, had been withdrawn.



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