SS Sword Knot

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Product Description: This SS Sword Knot is in mint and unissued condition. The silver wire is in beautiful condition. As well as the black rayon thread making up the stripes running the length of the cord and the well known SS runes. This knot came directly out of a veterans bring back lot we acquired in July of 2017 near Baltimore, Maryland. The veteran was a Lt. Colonel during the war. His name can be disclosed to the buyer if requested.

Historical Description: German Dagger and Sword Knots and Portepees had been used on the blades of Prussians since the time of Frederich the Great. However the original purpose of these were far from the decorative additions of today. During the time when blades were an individuals primary means of defense, they were used to secure the weapon to the wielders wrist. Over time they developed into the now recognizable dress accouterments of Germany’s dress daggers and swords. Using colors, length, and design, these accoutrements could tell a lot about the wearers branch, specialty, rank status, etc.


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