SS Schuma Officer Sleeve Shield


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Product Description: This SS Schuma Officer Sleeve Shield is a near mint example of a scarce and desirable piece of insignia. The construction is machine woven (BeVo), as is typical, with beautiful silver flat wire on a black background. The backing fabric is a thin olive-green rayon. This pattern of sleeve patch was worn by officers in the “Schutzmannschaft,” the collaborationist auxiliary police in the German occupied Soviet Union and Baltic states, which fell under SS control and which in some cases became part of the Waffen-SS. The design of this patch features a large and striking German swastika emblem surrounded with the wording “Treu Tapfer Gehorsam” (Loyal, Brave and Steadfast), surrounded by a wreath. This patch is unissued and has never been sewn to a uniform or even folded. There are a couple of small, minor holes to the backing fabric, that do not affect the insignia. The reverse of this SS Schuma officer sleeve shield shows details of the machine woven construction. These are not common patches to find; this is a great piece.




Historical Description: The German authorities tasked with administering the vast occupied areas in the wake of the Wehrmacht advance across Europe and into the Soviet Union created a large number of organizations staffed by pro-German partisans and collaborators. These organizations took many different forms, from police and troops to fascist militia groups. The tasks assigned to these pro-German collaboration organizations included mundane labor and security details, but in other cases also involved participation in crimes against the civilian population or specific political or ethnic minority groups, with some local groups assigned particularly monstrous roles in systematic killings. Some political parties in occupied nations also collaborated with the Nazis and became part of the occupation strategy.Some of the pro-German collaboration organizations served alongside or even as part of the Wehrmacht or Waffen-SS. These formations were typically labeled “volunteers,” though in many cases local men had in fact been forcibly conscripted. Following the defeat of Nazi Germany in May 1945, many collaborators were punished for their roles. Material relating to these groups is very collectible and in many cases very scarce today.

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