SS Motorized Officer Sleeve Diamond

Condition: Near Mint

Measurement: Approximately 2 3/4 Inches  Tall by 1 3/4 Inches Wide

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Product Description: Nice, representative example of a scarce and desirable SS Motorized Officer Sleeve Diamond. This pattern of SS insignia dates from the 1930s and was initially used by the Allgemeine-SS. It was intended for wear by “Führer in Motoreinheiten und Kraftfahrstürme” (Leaders in Motorized Units and Vehicle Detachments). This sleeve diamond features a wheel emblem, carefully worked in wire bullion embroidery, set off with black thread highlights. Enlisted men and NCOs wore a version of this patch that was embroidered in cloth thread; this bullion type was for officers. The emblem is embroidered on a base of typical SS black badge cloth, with a buckram stiffener that has a tight weave. This SS Motorized Officer Sleeve Diamond is unissued and in near mint condition. It measures about 2-3/4 inches tall by 1-3/4 inches wide. There is no mothing or other damage. We obtained this from Craig Gottlieb of History Hunter, and it comes with a letter of authenticity issued by him.

Historical Description:  The uniforms worn by the various SS branches before and during WWII used a variety of insignia to indicate rank, unit assignment, and role, including collar tabs and shoulder boards, cuff titles, and sleeve diamonds. The sleeve diamonds were initially authorized in October 1935. Each had a distinctive letter, symbol or emblem, with its own unique meaning. SS sleeve diamonds were used to indicate which SS organization the wearer was assigned to, specific roles of SS personnel, special achievements such as proficiency in sports or marksmanship, or to recognize former service in other Nazi Party organizations. Some diamonds were specific to certain SS branches, such as the Allgemeine-SS, Waffen-SS, or the SS-Totenkopfverbände. Other sleeve diamonds could be worn by a member of any SS branch. The materials and construction of original sleeve diamonds varied. Some were either hand-embroidered or machine-embroidered on black wool, while others were “Bevo” machine woven on a rayon base. Generally, silver-gray thread embroidery was used for enlisted ranks and NCOs, while officers wore hand embroidered wire bullion. Diamonds could be edged with silver-colored twisted wire cord for officers, or black and silver twisted cord for NCOs. Originals existed with paper or cloth RZM tags on the reverse, or were unlabeled. In total, there were dozens of different types and variations of these made between 1935-45. Some were produced in limited numbers, and others are more commonly encountered today, but all are desirable and collectible pieces of SS regalia.


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