SS Gebirgsjäger Sleeve Patch

Condition: Near Mint

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Product Description: This SS Gebirgsjäger Sleeve Patch is a very nice, unissued example. This pattern of insignia was worn by members of mountain troop units in the Waffen-SS. It’s made of a typical black SS wool badge cloth fabric, and features a machine embroidered Edelweiss emblem made with yellow and silver gray thread, enclosed within an oval border. The embroidery is perfect, with no issues. The reverse of this SS Gebirgsjäger Sleeve Patch shows the bobbin thread of the embroidery. The wool is backed with a thin, black woven fabric. The black wool is pristine, with no mothing or damage of any kind, and there are no stitch holes or any other indication of ever having been worn. This pattern of Edelweiss patch was among the insignia found at Dachau when it was liberated in 1945, and it’s likely this unissued piece was among them. It’s in near mint condition.



Historical Description: WWII German SS Sleeve Edelweiss worn by members of the SS Gebirgstruppen (Mountain Troops). It was worn on the right sleeve of both the tunic and the great coat. The SS Sleeve Edelweiss is constructed of silvery/grey embroidered flower petals and dual leaves, and stem; with seven yellow stamen.  The cloth insignia is near mint with no wear or mothing. A lot of times you will find these in veteran lots from the U.S. 42nd and 45th Infantry Division, when they liberated Dachau.


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