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Product Description: This is a very nice example of the rare and desirable SS FM pin that was worn by SS financial supporters. This beautiful badge is made of nickel silver, with high quality black enamel on the obverse. It depicts the runic emblem of the SS superimposed on a swastika, with the letters “F M” for “Förderndes Mitglied,” within a pebbled border. The enamel is beautiful, and completely intact, with no damage and nice shine. The silvery metal contrasts handsomely with the black enamelwork. The reverse of this SS FM Pin is maker marked by the firm of Deschler in Munich, and is also marked “Ges. Gesch.” indicating a legally protected design. It’s also stamped with the SS supporter number “32601.” This pin would be fastened to clothing via a long, straight stick pin, which is affixed to the reverse of the badge with a soldered plate. The pin has a correct grooved shaft, and there is no damage and no repairs. These pins are getting hard to find. This one is choice, and is in excellent plus plus condition.



Historical Description: A “Förderndes Mitglied der SS” was a member of the Allgemeine-SS who did not participate actively, but instead supported the SS through financial donations. Supporting members of the SS did not need to be members of the NSDAP, but were required to be of “Aryan” ancestry. The monthly donation varied from individual to individual and could be relatively low, as little as one Reichsmark. Supporters were given a supporter number and a membership book that included the monthly donation amount. Up until the Nazi seizure of power in 1933, there were about as many supporting members as there were active SS members. The number of supporting members of the SS skyrocketed after 1933. The magazine for SS Fördernden Mitglieder, “FM-Zeitschrift,” appeared in 1934 and by 1939 had a circulation of 365,000. After WWII, some supporting members of the SS were legally incriminated by the Allied authorities in the same regard as active SS members.



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