Spanish Volunteer Medal – Deschler & Sohn, München

Condition: Excellent

Manufacturer: Deschler


Product Description: This is a textbook example of a wartime German made Spanish volunteer medal.  The medal is a zinc based medal construction. Maker marked with the PK code of “1”  on the ring for Deschler & Sohn, München. The medal comes with a nice original replacement ribbon. This Spanish Volunteer Medal is in excellent condition.


Historical Description: In 1941, Spanish leader Francisco Franco authorized formation of a Spanish volunteer division to fight on the Eastern Front, as a way to repay the Germans for their assistance in the Spanish Civil War. This division, designated “División Española de Voluntarios” by the Spanish and “250. Infanterie-Division” by the Germans, was the only foreign volunteer unit in the Wehrmacht to be awarded its own special service medal. This was the “Erinnerungsmedaille für die spanischen Freiwilligen im Kampf gegen den Bolschewismus” (Commemorative Medal for the Spanish Volunteers in the Struggle against Bolshevism), commonly known by collectors as the Spanish Volunteer Medal, or the Blue Division Medal (“Blue Division” was a nickname that came from the blue shirts worn by the Spanish volunteers while in Spain). The medal was instituted rather late in the war, on January 3, 1944. The German made wartime awards were produced by the firm of Deschler in Munich, and were all made of zinc, with a bronze wash. The front of the medal features a sword over which are superimposed two shields, one with a German Army eagle and swastika, the other with the Falange crossed arrows symbol. Above the shields is a German Army helmet; below them, a swastika and laurel leaves. The reverse of the medal has an inscription which reads “División Española de Voluntarios en Rusia” (Spanish Division of Volunteers in Russia) surmounting an Iron Cross with oak leaves. The force of Spanish volunteers on the Eastern Front in WWII totaled about 47,000 men.


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