Social Welfare Leaders Dagger Hangers

Condition: Excellent

Maker: Unknown

Base Material: Aluminum


Product Description: This set of Social Welfare Leaders Dagger Hangers is a great example of a hard accessory to find. They are completely intact, with no damage to the blue and aluminum woven facings, or to the brown velvet backing; there are only light traces of wear and use. The metal fittings are made out of aluminum, and retain most of the original finish, with some visible wear to the two clips that would connect to the dagger scabbard. All three of the spring clips on these hangers are intact and functional, as are the two textbook square buckles, which feature crisp pebbling. The eyelets that the buckle prongs pass through show some light, minor oxidation. These Social Welfare Leaders Dagger Hangers would be perfect for completing a dagger, and are in excellent condition overall.



Historical Description: Ceremonial dress daggers for leaders of the German Red Cross and Social Welfare organizations were introduced in 1938. These two dagger types were of the same overall pattern. Period documentation on the differences between the two patterns is scant, but collectors have identified some specific features that differentiate between Red Cross Leaders and Social Welfare Leaders daggers. Most notably, Red Cross daggers had square holes on the scabbard rings, while Social Welfare daggers had round holes. The dagger hangers were also different, with red accents on facings used for Red Cross hangers and blue accents on Social Welfare hangers. The Red Cross hangers used round buckles, and the Social Welfare hangers used square buckles. These daggers were generally not maker marked, and production is believed to have ceased in 1940, though they remained in use until the end of the war.


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