Small Double Sided NSDAP Banner

Condition: Excellent

Measurements: 31″x37″ or 79x94cm

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Product Description: This small double sided NSDAP banner is a unique and very appealing original example. It features a printed swastika roundel neatly machine sewn to each side. The swastika is off center, closest to the hoist end, in a way consistent with the “Goesch” type flags used as ensigns on boats. The red field is stitched together from multiple parts which is another feature found on some flags made for use on watercraft. This may well have been used on a yacht or other vessel. The measurements of this small double sided NSDAP banner are 31 by 37 inches, a perfect size for display. The overall condition is excellent, with bright colors, and very light, even age yellowing to the white disks. There are no stains or holes, no visible damage. The materials and construction are all textbook for an original pre-1945 flag. The two corners on the hoist end have brass rings that are still affixed to wood screw eyelets that were once used to hang this. This small double sided NSDAP banner is a great piece that would be difficult to upgrade.


Historical Description: The red flag with white central disk and black swastika was introduced by Hitler in the 1920s as the flag of the National Socialist political party. In 1933, shortly after the Nazis took power, this party flag was recognized alongside the black-white-red Imperial tricolor as one of Germany’s national flags. In 1935, the use of the tricolor flag was discontinued, and between September 1935 and May 8, 1945, the Nazi party flag was the sole national flag of Germany. From its creation in the 1920s through the end of the war, this swastika flag was made and used in endless variations, from the massive banners hung at Party Day rallies to small pennants, bunting flags, and hand-held paper flags distributed along parade routes. These flags, banners and pennants flew from ships, were hung from official and private buildings, and were displayed outside business and private homes. At the end of WWII, the Allied military governments abolished the use of all Nazi symbols, including the national flag. Most Third Reich era German national flags were simply destroyed.


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