Silver NSDAP Wall Eagle

Condition: Excellent


Product Description: This silver NSDAP Wall Eagle is a very impressive original piece, and an outstanding display object. It depicts the classic early political style Nazi Party eagle and swastika emblem. It’s made of iron, and measures 19 cm long and 23.5 cm high. The front of the eagle has a silver finish, with a black painted swastika emblem. This period applied finish shows normal age and patina with some small scattered marks. The reverse of this silver NSDAP Wall Eagle shows an old iron finish, with some small, typical areas of slight surface rust. Integral fittings on this cast piece would have allowed for a stand to be fitted for the purposes of displaying this on a desk. The uppermost fitting has a short loop of old cordage, for hanging this on a wall. Original political eagles like this are very tough to find. The condition of this one rates as excellent plus.



Historical Description: Adolf Hitler was an army veteran in 1919. Frustrated by Germany’s defeat in World War I, he joined a new political organization called the German Workers’ Party. The organization was founded earlier that same year and promoted German nationalism. Members of this organization felt that the Treaty of Versailles was extremely unjust to Germany, by burdening it with reparations it could never pay. Hitler became the leader of this party in 1921 and changed the name to The National Socialist German Workers’ Party; Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (NSDAP). In 1933, Hitler became chancellor of Germany and his Nazi government soon assumed dictatorial powers. After Germany’s defeat in World War II the Nazi party was outlawed.


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