Silver Foil ROAG Case

Condition: Excellent

Maker: Silver Foil

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Product Description: This silver foil ROAG case is a top quality, early piece, that would be a perfect accompaniment to an early Luftwaffe Radio Operator Air Gunner Badge. It’s a sturdy original case, with treated blue fabric covering the exterior. The lid bears the inscription “Luftwaffen-Fliegerschützen-Abzeichen” (the designation of the ROAG badge) in Gothic lettering, in silver foil. The lid of the case shows some wear and scattered marks, and some of the silver foil is worn, but most of the foil remains intact and the wording is perfectly legible. The push button closure and metal hinge are intact and still perfectly functional, with typical, light patina to the hinge. The interior of this handsome case features a blue flocked insert on which the badge would rest. The interior of the lid is covered with a deluxe, high quality flocked material, which retains the original deep blue color. This desirable silver foil ROAG case is in excellent condition.



Historical Description: The Luftwaffe Radio Operators Badge (Bordfunkerabzeichen) was instituted by the head of the Luftwaffe, Hermann Goering, in 1935. It featured a German eagle clutching two lightning bolts, surrounded by a wreath with the German swastika at the bottom. The badge was awarded to all Luftwaffe radio operators at the conclusion of their training, upon issue of a certificate from a flight school authorizing them to serve as radio operators. In this sense, it was a trade badge of trained radio operators, rather than being an individual award for military achievement, though it could also be issued prior to the conclusion of training by personnel who flew operational missions. With the annexation of Austria, the Luftwaffe Radio Operators Badge was also issued to Austrian radio operators taken into the German armed forces.


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