Set of Original German War Propaganda Prints

Condition: Near Mint

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Product Description: This set of original German War Propaganda Prints is an outstanding example of German war art. This is a very nice, complete set of original prints, that was sent home by Capt. A. W. Ellis to his wife in Virginia. The front label states that the prints were captured at Brest. The prints are housed in an original folder, that is titled “Von der Nordsee zum Atlantik” (From the North Sea to the Atlantic). The cover depicts an Iron Cross as well as the winged bomb and anchor of the Kriegsmarine Coastal Artillery. Inside, the beautiful, full color prints are extremely well preserved, with only extremely slight toning to the paper. As far as we know, these prints have not been reproduced and may not have been republished postwar in any form. The prints are all from the same artist, and depict a variety of eye-catching and interesting wartime military scenes with patriotic themes. Each print is titled and bears a short caption. These prints are very rare and would be suitable for framing and display. This vet-bring-back set of original German War Propaganda Prints remains in near mint condition.



Historical Description: German war art during the Second World War took many forms. In the totalitarian fascist society of the Third Reich, art that supported the national community was prized and highly praised. Painters, sculptors and artisans created countless works utilizing patriotic or military themes, in styles ranging from the stylized renditions of Art Deco, to the naturalistic art favored by the Völkisch movement. These works of art were widely utilized for their propaganda value by the Nazi civil and military leadership. Exhibitions of German art were given great attention, and various types of war art including paintings and drawings were widely printed and circulated for decorative use in German homes and by soldiers in the occupied lands. Many German soldiers who were also artists sketched, drew and painted military scenes during their free time, and these works were also celebrated and republished. After the war, most German war art was destroyed.


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