Sachsen-Meiningen Merit Medal


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Product Description: The Sachsen-Meiningen Merit Medal or Medaille für Verdienst im Kriege 1915). Instituted 7 March 1915 by Duke Bernhard III. (1915-1920 issue). Constructed of bronze, on loop for suspension from its period original ribbon, the obverse consisting of a circular oak leaf wreath, with a raised Cross Pattée with a central monogram of Duke Bernhard III, the reverse with a raised Cross Pattée with a central Saxon coat of arms, circumscribed by an inscription of “FÜR VERDIENST IM KRIEGE 1914/15” (“FOR MERIT IN WAR 1914/15”), unmarked, measuring 39.52 mm in diameter, weighing 24.5 grams. This Sachsen-Meiningen Merit Medal is in excellent condition.



Historical Description: The medal was awarded to enlisted personnel and some officers for acts of military merit (both combatants and non-combatants), to all members of the Imperial German Army but especially to those serving in the regiments affiliated with Saxe-Meiningen. Those included the 32nd and 95th Infantry Regiments.


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