SA War Wounded Sport Badge

Condition: Near Mint

Maker: M1/100, (Werner Redo, Saarlautern)

Pattern: War Wounded

Base Material: Zinc

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Product Description: This is a choice and rare SA War Wounded Sport Badge. It’s in outstanding, near mint condition. These badges are not easy to find in any case, but to find one this well-preserved is extremely tough. It is made of fine zinc. Virtually all of the original bronze finish is intact, with original factory lacquering still protecting the finish. There is no sign of wear, and all of the original detail is still present. The reverse of this SA War Wounded Sport Badge is flat and smooth. It’s marked with the round RZM logo as well as the maker code M1/100 indicating manufacture by the firm of Werner Redo of Saarlautern. The hardware setup is textbook, and features a block hinge, banjo pin, and sheet metal catch. The attachment pin is functional, and there is no damage, and no repairs. It would be tough to find a better example of this scarce award.



Historical Description: The SA-Sportabzeichen (SA Sports Badge), later termed SA-Wehrabzeichen (SA Defense Badge), was an award for people who had participated in sport and ideological training under the auspices of the SA. Originally, the award was bestowed only to SA members, but starting in 1935 the award could be earned by anyone who participated in SA organized sport and training events. There were originally three grades of the award: bronze, silver and gold. The bronze badge was awarded for sport achievement, while the silver and gold grades showed that one was participating in ongoing training exercises needed to maintain the award. All holders of the award had to be certified by a doctor to be fit for military duty. By early 1937, the award had been bestowed over a million times. In 1939, Hitler decreed that the award would be changed from a sports badge to a proficiency badge, and renamed it the SA-Wehrabzeichen. There were multiple types of these awards made during the Third Reich, with the chief difference being the inscription on the reverse. There were also two special types. Members of the Marine-SA could qualify in 1934-35 for a special badge for sea sports, which featured an anchor. And in 1943, a special badge was introduced for war wounded, with a runic emblem over the grip of the sword. Award and wear of this award in any form ceased at the end of WWII.


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