SA/SS Ski Competition Badge

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Condition: Excellent

Maker: Poelath

Base Material: Tombak

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Product Description: This SA/SS Ski Competition Badge is a rare and desirable piece, with a great look. This badge was issued to participants in the SA and SS ski championship in Berechtesgaden in southern Germany, in February 1934. This appealing early badge is a high-quality piece, made of a brass alloy (Tombak). The obverse retains virtually all of the original silver finish, which shows attractive dark toning to the leaves of the outer wreath. The high points show only a mellow toning to the silver. This badge has an impressive design in multi-colored enamel, with a jumping skier superimposed on flags representing the Nazi party, the German nation and the DSV ski organization. The flat reverse of this SA/SS Ski Competition Badge shows an old patina and some uneven toning to the finish. The attachment pin is intact, and is held in place with an originally affixed plate that bears the name of the manufacturer of the badge, C. Poellath in Schrobenhausen. This badge is very well-preserved, with no damage or repairs to note. It displays very nicely and is in excellent condition.




Historical Description: Among the huge multitude of decorations and insignia produced during the Third Reich were countless day badges that commemorated specific events. These ranged from simple “tinnies” that may have been mass-produced and made available to thousands of participants in huge rallies, to high-quality presentation pieces that in some cases were regarded as official awards. There were badges made for every kind of event, from dedications of monuments and political rallies to sports competitions and even holidays like the Day of Labor. Often, these were simply made from stamped or cast metal, but some were even more simple, made of plastic or paper. Others used high quality materials, some even with beautiful enamel. Third Reich German day badges and commemorative awards are a field of study for many collectors.



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