SA Sport Shirt Emblem – NS

Condition: Excellent

Pattern: SA-NS

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Product Description: This SA Sport Shirt Emblem is an attractive piece of insignia. This large Bevo machine woven patch was intended for wear on an SA sports uniform. It’s woven of heavy cotton, in white and the brown SA Gruppe color for Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony). It depicts the distinctive runic organizational emblem of the SA within a circle, with the letters “NS” for Niedersachsen at the bottom of the circle. There are no stitch holes or other traces of having been worn, and just a light, even age patina throughout. The reverse of this SA Sport Shirt Emblem shows typical details of the machine woven construction. The backing is neatly folded and finished all the way around with straight machine stitching, which is how these left the factory. This impressive patch displays very nicely, and remains in excellent condition.



Historical Description: The Sturmabteilung, known by the initials “SA,” were the original paramilitary wing of the Nazi Party. This organization was originally formed in 1921 and played a large role in the Nazi ascendancy and rise to power from the 1920s through 1933. The organization had a system of ranks and was divided into units, in a manner similar to that of the military. As with all of the paramilitary organizations during the Third Reich, the SA wore uniforms and had their own distinctive badges, insignia and regalia. At the time of the Nazi seizure of power in 1933, the SA had two million members. Following the Night of the Long Knives in 1934, and the arrest and eventual murder of SA leader Ernst Rohm, the size and influence of the SA decreased, but it continued to exist until the fall of Nazi Germany in May 1945. During WWII, the SA was involved with pre-military training, with the largest training unit, the SA-Marine, serving as an auxiliary to the German Navy. The SA even attempted to field a combat unit, at first as a Regiment, and eventually, an armored Korps- “Panzerkorps Feldherrnhalle.” The vast size of the SA at its height, and the length of time the SA was operational, created a vast range of different items of uniform, equipment, insignia, paperwork, etc., which is very collectible today.


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