SA Honor Dagger with Damascus

Condition: Excellent Plus

Maker: Eickhorn

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Product Description:  This extremely rare SA Honor Dagger with damascus blade came directly from a very old collection in Bronx, New York. The collector has collected items from 1956-1992 and had amassed an incredible collection. The breathtaking, top quality blade features a fine maiden hair, hand-forged Damascus steel. It has a very prominent grain pattern and features a slightly dark finish. The obverse displays a very impressive raised “Alles Für Deutschland” motto that is flanked by oak leaf and acorn sprigs. This beautiful raised motto retains most of the original gilt finish, with a slightly muted look. On the reverse, the ricasso features the acid etched and gilded seated squirrel “Carl Eickhorn Solingen” maker mark, in relief. Eickhorn was a maker associated with high quality production, and this deluxe piece is an outstanding example of the craftsmanship they were capable of. This blade has not been cleaned and does have some surface spotting and greying from age. The handle on this dagger also shows finest quality craftsmanship. The textbook burnished silver honor crossguards elegantly display a hand enhanced oak leaf and acorn motif, with a fine even patina throughout. The grip is a medium contour ridge constructed type, fitting the crossguards quite nicely. The grip remains in excellent plus condition and shows no chips or cracks. The SA runes button is beautifully set and has perfect enamel. The grip eagle is a fine silver example. This SA Honor Dagger with damascus is complete with its original scabbard. The scabbard shell is completely straight, and is covered with fine-grained brown leather. The leather runs up to, but not under, the upper and lower scabbard fittings. The leather looks to have been expertly replaced some time in its life.  All of the fittings are in fine condition with beautiful patina, and are correct for this rare dagger type. The lower ball retains a beautiful round shape. These scabbard fittings are retained by early silvered screws. Since the dagger looks to have never been taken apart, we thought it best to leave it alone and not remove the fittings to see if the numbers match. This dagger is a beautiful example of a very hard to find and desirable type, that is missing from most collections, and that could be the centerpiece of an advanced collection of Third Reich blades. The condition overall is excellent plus.


Historical Description: The Model 1933 (M33) SS dagger was first serviceable dagger produced for the SS. The design was derived from a 16thcentury Swiss hunting dagger called the “Holbein”. The M33 SS Dagger was worn by all ranks within the SS. Becoming a member of the SS was held in high respect during the Third Reich, and their daggers became a symbolic piece within its ranks. Every year on November 9th, the new SS men would pledge their full allegiance to the Führer (Adolf Hitler) in front of the Feldherrnhalle monument in Munich and receive their dagger as a symbol of that oath. The inscription on the blade “Mein Ehre Heißt Treue”, which translates to “My Honor is Loyalty”, was the motto of the SS.

Manufacturing for these daggers began late in 1933 and continued until 1942 when production of all daggers ceased to conserve materials and labor for the war effort. Today, collectors categorize these daggers into three main categories; Early, Transitional, and Late period.  SS daggers produced from 1933 to early 1935 are early and have anodized scabbards, nickel fittings, and are generally of a higher workmanship. Transitional period daggers were produced from 1935 to 1938, are usually found with painted scabbards, plated fittings and RZM codes with their makers logo on the blade. Late period daggers were produced from 1938 to 1942.  They are similar to the transitional period daggers in that they use plated fittings and painted scabbards, but will only be found with the RZM logo and code on the blade.


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