Early SA Dagger by Gustav Voss

Condition: EXC

Maker: Gustav Voss

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Product Description: Talk about a killer early SA dagger by Gustav Voss! It is ranked 9 out of 10 on the SA McSarr rarity-rating list! The bright blade with near perfect cross grain is what you want to find and collect on the rare makers.  There is absolutely no pitting, greying, sharpening or shadowing of any kind on the blade. Light runner marks are all that is seen on the surface of this amazing blade, which is typical from in and out wear of the scabbard.  The acid etched “Alles fur Deutschland” motto and Gustav Voss maker mark are both nice and crisp, with a textbook light gray contrasting tone. The fit remains nice and tight and the tip comes to a perfect point. the SA Dagger slides out of and into the scabbard very smoothly with a nice fit.

The nickeled cross guards and pommel nut are very tight with nice mellowing patina color that matches throughout the entire dagger. The pommel nut does not show any marks or evidence of being over tightened, removed or tampered with in any way.   On the reverse of the lower cross guard is the Gau stamp, “OM” for Ostmark, which is correct.

The textbook light walnut wood grip is without cracks and only normal usage can be noted. There is a couple of interesting dark marks that appear to be part of the natural wood grain. Overall fit and tightness of the grip is near excellent with a very minor amount of gap on the lower cross guard from wood shrinkage, which would be attributed to age. Early Grip eagle and SA roundel has a perfect fit and retains 100% of its enamel. 

The brown anodized scabbard shows the normal surface “spidering” with the occasional corrosion spotting which is not unusual. The nickel fittings are complete and their patina matches perfectly with the hilt fittings. They are tight in place held fast by 4 period dome head screws, which are in perfect condition with no evidence of being removed or tightened. The tip ball has suffered from a small tap, but unlike most of these period daggers, has managed to keep most of its shape. If you have been looking for a nice example with a rare maker this is the SA Dagger for you. 


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