RZM Hitler Youth Knife M7/13

Condition: Good

Maker: RZM M7/13 –Arthur Schuttelhofer

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Product Description: This RZM Hitler Youth Knife M7/13 is a one-look original example. The Hitler Youth knife was intended as a utilitarian tool, rather than a ceremonial dress dagger, and this one was certainly used as such. The blade is solid but shows obvious traces of wear, use, age, and sharpening. The back of the blade is clearly marked M7/13 which is the RZM code for the firm of Arthur Schuttelhofer, a prominent and desirable maker of Hitler Youth knives. The condition of the handle matches that of the blade, with wear to the grip fittings as well as some lifting of the original heavy nickel plating in spots. The grip scales are intact with no cracks, chips or major damage. The enameled Hitler Youth diamond inset in the grip is intact, with some damage to the fragile enamel- to be expected on a knife that was obviously carried and worn as much as this one. The original leather buffer on the blade is present. This RZM Hitler Youth Knife M7/13 is complete with its original scabbard. Nearly all of the original black finish is worn off the front, and the exposed bare metal has a heavy, old patina. The leather fittings for wearing this on a belt are all there, though the handle retaining loop is broken, either from age or (likely on this example) from heavy wear and use. The back of the scabbard retains much original finish. Overall, this RZM Hitler Youth Knife M7/13 is a complete and solid piece, by a desirable maker, with a “field” look. If you are looking for a Hitler Youth knife that has “been there and done that,” and that absolutely didn’t spend WWII sitting on a shelf, this is a strong candidate.


Historical Description: The Hitler Youth Knife (Hitlerjugend Fahrtenmesser) was introduced in the summer of 1933, shortly after the Nazi seizure of power in Germany. It was produced by a multitude of manufacturers, and could be purchased from authorized shops for a price of 4 Reichsmarks. It was used not only as a dress sidearm, but as a functional camping tool, and these were commonly sharpened by their original owners. The earliest examples bore the motto of the Hitler Youth, “Blut und Ehre!” (Blood and Honor), etched on the blade. The blades on these early knives were marked with commercial manufacturer logos. They had nickel silver handles, and anodized metal scabbards. The use of the etched motto was discontinued in August, 1938. Later HJ knives had nickel plated steel handles, painted scabbards, and the maker logos were replaced with an RZM code along with the year of manufacture. There are also transitional types that still have the etched motto, but have dates on the blade ricasso. Manufacture of these knives is believed to have ceased around 1942. All HJ knives have the diamond emblem of the Hitler Youth on the handle.


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