RLB Enamel Membership Pin 1st Pattern

Condition: Excellent


Pattern: 1st Pattern

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Product Description: This first pattern RLB Enamel Membership Pin is an extremely fine piece. This pattern of lapel badge was worn by members of the Reichsluftschutzbund (RLB), the National Air Raid Protection Union. The beautiful cobalt blue enamel used for the “RLB” lettering and swastika on this badge is perfect, with no damage. The eight-pointed starburst retains most of the original silvering on the obverse. The reverse of this RLB Enamel Mermbership Pin has attractive, dark age toning to the original silver finish. It is nicely maker marked “Enders Oberrahmere” in raised letters. It is also marked “Ges. Gesch.” indicating a legally protected design. The horizontal pinback is complete, functional and unrepaired. This beautiful piece measures 24 mm by 24.3 mm and has very crisp detail. The condition is excellent.



Historical Description: German political and civil authorities began preparing for Allied air raids even before WWII started. The Reichs-Luftschutz-Bund (RLB), under the auspices of the German Luftwaffe, was the primary organization responsible for air raid protection and readiness. Shelters were constructed all over the German Reich, and civilians were issued gas masks. Members of the RLB wore many different kinds of uniforms and equipment, from fine regalia used in parades to work coveralls and protective equipment and gear for firefighting. After the outbreak of the war, the role of the Luftschutz was expanded, and other organizations were brought under the Luftschutz umbrella, including the Luftschutz-Warndienst, Luftschutzpolizei, and the Sicherheits- und Hilfsdienst. The men and women of the Luftschutz were tasked with extinguishing fires caused by incendiary bombs, often with nothing more than buckets of sand or water with hand pups. They maintained order in air raid bunkers and provided first aid to those injured in the bombings. In the day and night raids on the bombed-out cities, and even during the horrific firestorms that took the lives of thousands, the Luftschutz were on duty.


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