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Product Description: This Tropical Heer Cap Cockade is an ultra rare piece to find. It’s in unissued condition, just as it would have been cut from a factory roll. These cockades were intended for wear on all models of German Army tropical field caps, which were used by the Afrikakorps and elsewhere on the Southern Front. This one is textbook Bevo machine woven construction, with the red, white and black colors of the German Reich neatly woven on a thin rayon backing, in tropical tan color. The reverse of this Tropical Heer Cap Cockade is textbook, with typical details of the machine woven construction. This very rare cockade is clean and crisp, with bright original color, and only extremely slight age toning. It has never been stitched to a cap. The condition rates as near mint.



Historical Description: Cockades originated in or before the 18th century, as purely ornamental bows or knots of ribbon, worn on cocked hats. Over time, these evolved. They took many other forms, and were used to show membership in organizations such as political parties or military units, or to show allegiance to a cause. The armies of France and Russia wore cockades on their shakos, during the Napoleonic Wars, and cockades were in use in the European revolutions of the 19th century. In Imperial Germany, most military headgear was adorned with two cockades, with one in the red, white and black colors of the German Reich, and the other in the colors of one of the states that made up the Reich. During the Weimar era, the use of the state cockades was abolished, and in the Third Reich, military caps were adorned with the Nazi eagle and swastika emblem as well as the red, white and black cockade, which was made in a wide variety of cloth and metal forms for different headgear types. Cockades in various colors remain in use to this day. 


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