Rare Early SS Kepi

Condition: Excellent

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Product Description: We are pleased to be able to offer this extremely rare and desirable early SS Kepi. This pattern “Käppi” (Kepi) was a piece of headgear used by the early Allgemeine-SS. This early RZM piece is a seldom encountered, original and untouched example. The exterior is made of a dense, sturdy black fabric. There is no fading or damage to the exterior at all, and it retains its original shape, with exceptional visual appeal. The early political style eagle and SS skull appear to be original to the cap. The skull is a typical early Tombak example made by Deschler & Sohn, easy recognizable by the upper nose bone, and with lovely toning to the original silver finish. The correct SS style leather chin strap is intact. Inside, this unique early SS Kepi is complete with its genuine and often missing celluloid sweat diamond, with the runic emblem of the SS in gold. The early type oilcloth RZM tag is still complete, and original sewn in the liner. The only thing missing is 50% of the fragile thin leather sweat band. This is a rare opportunity to acquire this extremely sought-after headgear type. The condition of this example rates as excellent overall.



Historical Description:  The Kepi is a form of headgear that has been around since the late 19th and early 20th centuries. This light military cap has been used by countries around the world, as part of their uniform. The Kepi is noted for the flat, circular top with a peak made of leather or cloth. Chinstraps for this cap were made of either leather or cord. Germany used the Kepi as part of the uniforms in both the SA and SS organizations. Organizations could be distinguished by the color of the Kepi, with brown being for the SA and black for the SS. The caps used were from a surplus of Austrian equipment. Eventually, the Kepi was replaced with the more commonly seen peaked cap, or visor.


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