RAD Trumpet Banner Flag

Condition: Fair

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Product Description: This RAD Trumpet Banner Flag is a very rare relic of RAD regalia. It features gorgeous hand embroidery and was made of the finest materials, and is unit marked “242” for the RAD unit that would have trooped this banner in the rallies and parades they participated in. Unfortunately, this RAD Trumpet Banner Flag has suffered from poor storage over the years, with moisture staining as well as extensive moth damage that left large and small holes throughout the banner. But even with the damage, the craftsmanship and aesthetic design of this piece still remain fully evident. This RAD Trumpet Banner Flag is double sided, with the RAD shovel and wheat organizational emblem surrounded by a hand embroidered bullion wire wreath and superimposed on a large, mobile swastika. The flag is surrounded by a substantial bullion wire fringe and still retains two original tassels in the black, silver (white) and red national colors of the Third Reich. One side is a bit cleaner than the other, though both sides do present the evident condition issues, as you can see in the photos. We have of course priced this with those condition issues in mind. This type of RAD Trumpet Banner Flag is not frequently seen in the market in any condition.


Historical Description:  During the Third Reich, the various uniformed political, civil and paramilitary organizations used a variety of flags and standards as organizational regalia at parades, rallies and other official events. There were marching standards that were carried by designated personnel, vehicle pennants, and also adornments for musical instruments including drum skirts and trumpet banners. The musicians who were assigned by each organization to perform at various events wore special insignia to denote their role. Their trumpet banners were part of their regalia and were an iconic part of Third Reich events. The banners were often carefully individually crafted, and bore organizational symbols as well as branch colors and sometimes designations of specific units. They ranged from relatively simple objects used on the children’s trumpets of Hitler Youth groups, to elaborately hand embroidered unique banners for elite military units. At the end of the war, most Nazi trumpet banners were destroyed.

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