Prussian Warrior Merit Medal


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Product Description: This Prussian Warrior Merit Medal is constructed in silver, on loop for suspension from its period original ribbon on ribbon mount, the obverse with a central inscription of “KRIEGS VERDIENST” inside of a laurel wreath, the reverse with a monogram of Kaiser Wilhelm I, unmarked, measuring 40.02 mm in diameter, weighing 21.5 grams. Very small moth nip on the back of the red wool mounted ribbon cloth. The Prussian Warrior Merit Medal is in excellent plus condition.



Historical Description: The Prussian Warrior Merit Medal was a military decoration established by Friedrich Wilhelm III, and it was mainly conferred upon troops that were not in the Prussian service. The award was primarily conferred in recognition of bravery and merit in times of war. The medal was first awarded to members of the Imperial Guard grenadier company, who guarded Friedrich Wilhelm during his visit to St. Petersburg in 1835. The medal was later conferred upon non-commissioned soldiers and natives of German colonies who fought bravely for Germany. In World War I, the medal was conferred upon allied soldiers who aided the German cause.


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