Prinzen EK2 Spange – Deumer

Condition: Near Mint

Maker: Deumer

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Product Description: This is an outstanding, choice example of a desirable Prinzen EK2 Spange. These smaller, “Prinzen” size awards are rare to find. This is a high quality and likely early production piece, made of a brass alloy (Tombak). Virtually all of the beautiful original silver finish is still intact, with nice shine and only extremely minimal toning. There is no evident wear. It’s a nicely made award, with all of the detail of the more common full-size pieces. The reverse of this Prinzen EK2 Spange is flat and smooth, and is the variant with two vertical prongs. There is no maker mark, but this Spange variant is attributed to the firm of Wilhelm Deumer, in Lüdencheid. There is a slight, even patina to the intact original finish on the reverse. There are no repairs to the prongs. This is a very appealing example of a sought-after award, that remains in outstanding, near mint condition. It would be very difficult to upgrade.



Historical Description: When Adolf Hitler reinstituted the historical Iron Cross decoration on September 1, 1939, he also instituted a special new award, the “Wiederholungsspange,” to recognize people who had earned the 1914 Iron Cross during WWI and whose actions in this new war merited being awarded the Iron Cross again. There were two different patterns of this Spange, for the First and Second Classes of the Iron Cross. Both of them took the form of a German national eagle and swastika emblem, with outstretched wings, over a bar with the date “1939.” The First-Class award had a pin attachment or screw back, to enable it to be worn on the uniform pocket over the 1914 Iron Cross. Some combo-type awards are also known, with the Spange fastened to the top arm of the 1914 cross. The Second Class Spange had two or four prongs on the reverse and was affixed to a length of 1914 pattern Iron Cross ribbon. Most of the Spange awards were made of a brass alloy (Buntmetall) with a silver finish, while late war examples were produced from zinc. As with most German combat awards, there were many variations of the Spange produced, including miniature awards for the ribbon bar.


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