Political Leaders Greatcoat 2nd Pattern Reich Level

Condition: Exc



Product Description: This is a spectacular Political Leaders Greatcoat 2nd Pattern Reich level. The coat is made from a heavy weight brown wool in the typical brown color used for NSDAP uniforms. It retains all of the original gold finished metal buttons to the double-breasted closure. The collar and inside lapels are faced with a very fine gabardine wool fabric. The collar has yellow rayon piping around the outside edge and has two collar tabs, red with yellow piping that matches the collar piping, and featuring very finely done wire bullion hand embroidery. The attachment of the tabs shows a tailor’s skill, the tabs are original to the coat and indicate that the wearer was an Amtsleiter at the Reich level. The coat comes with a basic NSDAP armband in early quality, made of finely woven red wool with a ribbed roundel and swastika. The armband has a couple of small match head sized moth nips. The interior of the coat is partially lined in artificial silk. There is a stamped “52” which may be the size, as well as some inked initials in the armpit area which are likely those of the original owner. There is one internal pocket which retains the original oilcloth RZM tag, stamped with a numerical code for the coat’s manufacturer. The coat is in outstanding condition and shows only minimal wear. There is one minor moth nip on the rear, below the rear half belt. A rare uniform garment of a high level Nazi functionary, this Political Leaders greatcoat 2nd pattern Reich level displays fantastic and is loaded with eye appeal.

** Please note the double claw belt is not included with purchase of the Political Leaders Greatcoat 2nd Pattern Reich level.


Historical Description:  Greatcoats were part of the uniform for all uniformed organizations. Designed for winter use, they were generally made of wool, though private purchase leather versions could be obtained at great expense in some cases. The color of the coat matched the color of the uniform worn by that organization. Third Reich greatcoats usually were double breasted and had two rows of pebbled metal closure buttons, sometimes bearing organizational emblems. Pre-war greatcoats such as the M36 pattern used by the German Army often featured collar facings made of finely woven badge cloth. Wartime versions, such as the military M40 and M42 models, often lacked this feature. M42 greatcoats had a very oversized collar, designed to offer additional protection to the face and neck when worn up, and created as a response to the difficult experiences of German soldiers during the bitter first winter on the Russian Front. Greatcoats were to be worn with or without insignia depending on the regulations specific to the wearer’s organization. Insignia could be in the form of collar tabs, shoulder straps, armbands or cuff titles, or a combination of these.



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