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Product Description: This Police Trumpet Banner is an extremely impressive artifact. It’s visually stunning. One side depicts a large, bold German Police wreathed eagle and swastika emblem, intricately embroidered in black and white thread, and very highly detailed. It’s embroidered on a backing of light blue silk. The blue color may indicate that this was intended for the Water Protection Police (Wasserschutzpolizei) or Air Raid Protection Police (Luftschutzpolizei). The other side of this gorgeous Police Trumpet Banner is a top quality German national flag design, made of multiple pieces of top quality luxury fabrics. The condition of this banner is excellent, with some minor age toning to the embroidery, and a couple of small moth nips to the white wool roundel and red backing of the national flag. The original ties used to affix this banner to the trumpet are still present, as is all of the original heavy wire fringe around the edges, which shows some age toning. This is very likely a unique surviving example. This Police trumpet banner is loaded with visual impact, and is worthy of being a collection centerpiece.


Historical Description:  During the Third Reich, the various uniformed political, civil and paramilitary organizations used a variety of flags and standards as organizational regalia at parades, rallies and other official events. There were marching standards that were carried by designated personnel, vehicle pennants, and also adornments for musical instruments including drum skirts and trumpet banners. The musicians who were assigned by each organization to perform at various events wore special insignia to denote their role. Their trumpet banners were part of their regalia and were an iconic part of Third Reich events. The banners were often carefully individually crafted, and bore organizational symbols as well as branch colors and sometimes designations of specific units. They ranged from relatively simple objects used on the children’s trumpets of Hitler Youth groups, to elaborately hand embroidered unique banners for elite military units. At the end of the war, most Nazi trumpet banners were destroyed.


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